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MBBS Admission Open Now For 2022-2023

UV Gullas College Of Medicine produces highly qualified Doctors for the society.


We are belongs to the Royal Family and hence excels in offering academic by broadening the student view by preparing them to face the career challenges. The students are made to be outstanding personalities through the continuous learning process along with the leadership skill development.


Healthy & Friendly Environment. Well-established platform for USMLE. One to one care for all international students. More than 90% Success rate in MCI screening test. Practical system of education.

Why Study MBBS In Philippines?

The high MCI passing percentage is a proof that the studies are of excellent quality. The study pattern followed in the Philippines is the US Pattern. The quality of education is high in the Philippines.MBBS in Philippines is offered very reasonable rates then other countries.

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UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions Office in Chennai takes care of all your admission assistance!

We also handhold & support our students during the entire duration of their course while doing MBBS in Philippines, be it with respect to documentation with the Medical Council of India (MCI), or the Indian Embassy in the Philippines and, for the Visa Processing or renewal.

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About US

UV Gullas College of Medicine was officially started in 1977. It is located in Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu in an atmosphere that is most conductive to learning –quiet, well outside city limits yet accessible by all means of land transportation, dormitories surround the school premises. Study MBBS in Philippines at UV Gullas College of Medicine to receive a world-class education while maintaining international standards. For a variety of reasons, Indian students pick the Philippines to complete their MBBS. The literacy rate is one of the reasons. The literacy rate is 95.6 percent, with males accounting for 95.1 percent and females accounting for 96.1 percent. US Medico sends its students to only well-known, low-cost universities, and UV Gullas College meets all of the criteria. There is no language barrier because English is the medium of education and English is spoken by almost 99 percent of Cebu residents.

Clinical training is at the heart of the programme, and it is delivered by a highly-trained and experienced faculty with a track record of success in their respective professions.

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Our Expertise

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Low cost fees

UV Gullas College of Medicine Fee Structure is one of the most affordable MBBS fee structure available to Indian students! Get a world-class MBBS degree at just Rs. 2.8 lakhs/year!


US pattern syllabus

We are follow the American pattern of education with a major focus on clinical practice. The college ensures excellent opportunities for international students who want a perfect medical career.

Good Clinical Exposure

100 YEARS Excellence You are going to choose a place where four long years of your life will be contained. Students will lead a comfortable life with good infrastructure, clinical exposure, well trained faculties’etc.

Why People Trust Us

Each and every medical studies aspirant would want to choose a prestigious institution that is best possible for their qualification. However, it is to be remembered that relying only on the reputation of the college would not guarantee to zero in on the best medical college.

High Quality Lab

Unmatched Expertise

Precise Result

Qualified Staff


 UV Gullas holds the principles of love and humanity service based on the education concerning the community development along with the socio-economic development programs.



Head of Laboratory Department


Comptroller & Senior Vice President

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The admission process at U V Gullas is quite smooth and simpler than most Philippines MBBS Colleges. Here’s all you need to know about the UVGCM admission process:

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