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UV Gullas College Of Medicine produces highly qualified citizens for the society.

Driven by its vision of producing a competent physician imbue with love, service, and leadership to the community and a mission to produce graduates who might one day serve the country towards health needs and problems, UV Gullas College of Medicine was officially started in 1977. It is located in Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu in an atmosphere that is most conductive to learning –quiet, well outside city limits yet accessible by all means of land transportation, dormitories surround the school premises. It houses the Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital, the UV Gullas College of Medicine, the UV College of Nursing, the Gullas College of Dentistry, VIP Gullas College of Music, the Tan Kim Ching Cancer Center and the up-coming Cosmetic Surgery Center including other health-related courses.

UV Gullas take the pride in offering various training at International standard in order to develop brilliant minds that can face challenges of people lives. UV Gullas expose to the cutting edge technology that exceeds the knowledge boundaries to impact the life of the society. UV Gullas develop new opportunities to explore the education that can withstand the global competition. The academic and moral training acquired by the students enable the better accessibility to the high standard education.

Study MBBS in Philippines at UV Gullas College of Medicine to receive a world-class education while maintaining international standards. For a variety of reasons, Indian students pick the Philippines to complete their MBBS. The literacy rate is one of the reasons. The literacy rate is 95.6 percent, with males accounting for 95.1 percent and females accounting for 96.1 percent. US Medico sends its students to only well-known, low-cost universities, and UV Gullas College meets all of the criteria. There is no language barrier because English is the medium of education and English is spoken by almost 99 percent of Cebu residents.

Clinical training is at the heart of the programme, and it is delivered by a highly-trained and experienced faculty with a track record of success in their respective professions.


While a few medical colleges in Philippines such as UV Gullas College of Medicine focus on research, a few others focus on specialty medicines, and others focus mainly on primary care. Decide as to what should be the academic focus of your studies. Identify what mainly interests you and choose appropriate college. For instance, if your desire is to get involved in research and academics, a college that basically educates family practitioners might not be your ideal choice to go with. So discover your own interest and choose the medical college.



UV Gullas was founded by the late Don Vicente Gullas in 1919 as the Visayan Institute (V.I.) in Cebu City.


The Second World War, however, razed to the ground the physical facilities of the VI but undaunted by adversities, Don Vicente Gullas reopened classes in Argao, Cebu in 1946.


In 1948, the Visayan Institute was conferred a University status by the then Bureau of Private Schools, and it first became a University in Cebu.


In 1935 Visayan Institute moved to its present site in Colon St.


In 1947, the VI moved back to its present site in Colon Street where the buildings of its main campus now stand as a historical landmark in the City of Cebu.


The VI was renamed as the Gullas College of Medicine. From that time on, the expansion in its baccalaureate and post graduate course offerings .

The Gullas College of medicine offers a distinctive excellence to unlock the potential of the students with the highest quality of education. We strongly believe in the faith of love and service to humanity.
UV Gullas College of Medicine is committed to endow classified students with the spiritually inspired education programs that are accepted nationally as well as democratically with high standards. We nurture the students with an enhanced level of professionalism that put efforts in the community development and satisfy the socio-economic demands of the nation.


The UniversityAims To,

UV Gullas College of Medicine belongs to the Royal Family and hence excels in offering academic by broadening the student view by preparing them to face the career challenges. The students are made to be outstanding personalities through the continuous learning process along with the leadership skill development. UV Gullas holds the principles of love and humanity service based on the education concerning the community development along with the socio-economic development programs.


We take pride in proclaiming that UV Gullas has grown into an eight-campusthat provides wide system of higher education and lower level laboratory schools.

There are two campuses in Cebu City,

The main University campus in the downtown Cebu City area and a laboratory high school in Pardo. The main campus in Cebu City, with a six multi-story building includes a gymnasium and occupies almost one city block in Colon, D. Jakosalem and Sanciangko Streets.

The College of Dentistry and Nursing are located in a separate campus in Banilad, Mandaue City at the site of Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital and the Gullas College of Medicine.

The Gullas College of Medicine Mandaue Campus (formerly Mandaue Academy) is located in downtown Cambaro, Mandaue City.


The medicine degree of UV Gullas college of medicine are fully recognized by:

  • World Health Organization (WHO).
  • International Medical Education Directory.
  • US Education Department.
  • General Council Of Medicine of Great Britain.
  • Medical Council Of India (MCI).
  • The Gullas College of Medicine is a center of excellence that inspires faith in the Almighty, Leadership and Service to Humanity.
  • Cost of living is nominal.


Benefits of Choosing UV Gullas College of

  • Healthy & Friendly Environment.
  • Well-established platform for USMLE.
  • One to one care for all international students.
  • More than 90% success rate in MCI screening test.
  • Affordable Tuition Fee & Installment mode is available.
  • No Donations/ capitation
  • The medium of instruction remains English
  • Practical system of education.


UV Gullas College of Medicine is a center of excellence that inspires faith in the Almighty.

  • No common entrance test and affordable fees.
  • Similar tropical climate as India.
  • Cebu City bears a resemblance to Chennai City of India.
  • More than 90% success rate in MCI screening test.
  • American education system with hands-on clinical practice.
  • 1 among 10 Doctors in US are from study medicine in Philippines.
  • Excellent quality of education
  • Acceptable Student-Patient Ratios.
  • World-class technological features

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